Group Procurement


Outsource your tender management and save time and money

Our ongoing management service providing a rolling schedule of tenders and cost review, managed by IDP Purchasing on your behalf. Our procurement management service is ideally suited to larger organisations that have the ability to mandate supplier compliance. This service can function alongside your in-house procurement team, with IDP Purchasing performing the day-to-day business of collating and issuing tenders on their behalf, allowing them to focus on complex capital, maintenance and facility management contracts. As a Third Party we are not affected by the daily distractions of your organisation, allowing us to stick to rigorous tender deadlines.

Every year, millions of pounds are spent needlessly on purchasing goods and services that we could procure at a much more competitive price. Suppliers will rarely volunteer a price reduction without some pressure from their customer or from competition. By outsourcing your tender management to IDP Purchasing, suppliers will know that you are serious about reviewing your overheads / pricing. Suppliers will be made aware of when we plan to revisit each area. When we are speaking to the suppliers we will make it clear that we will test the market, with the objective of seeking reductions without compromising quality or service standards.


Group Procurement Management – Agree the plan and leave the rest to IDP Purchasing group Procurement Management –

Business demands affecting your business will not distract IDP Purchasing. Our dedicated staff will work to your agreed tender management programme, put in place at commencement – meeting the deadlines agreed at the outset.

With the experience and depth of knowledge available at IDP purchasing, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that each new cost area on your bespoke programme is meticiously planned to achieved your desired programme, whether it be to deliver cost savings, increase service standards or increase quality – or that all 3 combined are met successfully.

Our assessment provides impartial and professional recommendation to allow senior management to make the final decision and proceed accordingly.

Our outsourced tender management independent assurance and peace of mind without the need to tie up internal resources often achieving better results that could be reasonably expected.

Regular Reviews: Critical to the success of the partnership is regular communication and an open and honest exchange of information.

Measured Success: Clear targets and C.P.R.D analysis will help monitor the success of the partnership, in identifying key areas for investigation and action.

Contract Lines: The creation and monitoring of contract lines is critical in maximising potential savings. Off-contract purchases can go unnoticed. We will never undervalue their importance.

Rolling Tenders: We would not advocate doing too much too soon. We have found that a step by step approach often delivers the best results. Over time the in–house team see the benefits, and barriers are overcome, leading to an excellent business partnership.

Real Results: We pride ourselves on delivering results. With a proven track record in the care home, catering and hotel services sector we are confident that you will quickly reap the benefits of a partnership with IDP Purchasing.