Below you will find the answer to questions that are asked on a regular basis by potential new members. Inevitably you will still have more questions and we would be happy to discuss these in person, please call 01292 314254.

  1. How much will I have to pay to join IDP?
    We do not charge a fee, our income in generated from commission that we receive from the suppliers. Our commission fees are fully transparent and discussed prior to working on your behalf.
  1. What Suppliers will I use ?
    You will always be in control of what Suppliers service your business. IDP has existing suppliers, Nationally and Regional, with a track record of providing quality products, excellent service and competitive pricing.

Our Bespoke service allows us to negotiate on your behalf with your existing suppliers or even local suppliers you have considered using.

  1. How do you get cheaper prices?
    IDP is a specialised purchasing broker who uses the collective buying spend of our membership to negotiate prices with national suppliers. With representing hundreds of clients we have an extensive knowledge of what a product or service should be costing you and use this knowledge to benchmark any prices we obtain on your behalf.
  1. What is the purchasing audit?
    Before deciding to join IDP an IDP Consultant will visit you and analyse your current suppliers, your consumption and your current pricing, for as manyor as few services you wish us to audit. Our findings will be presented to you in order to highlight the potential savings that could be available to you by becoming a member of IDP.
  1. Will you come and visit me?
    We are unique in providing regional customer care managers to ensure that we work closely with our clients and listen and adapt our services in line with our clients requirements. Please feel free to email or call to arrange for your IDP Consultant to visit.
  1. Is membership only available to small independents?
    We currently manage the out sourced procurement for a number of large groups. This highlights our expertise and adds to our credibility and purchasing power and we pride ourselves on delivering an unrivalled service to all our clients.
  1. Is my Business applicable for a Bespoke Tenders?
    Please call us to discuss this in more detail, depending on your overall spend in a specific area, we can and cannot complete a bespoke tender. For example a £5K Dairy Spend would not be normally be sufficient spend to approach individual suppliers, but would applicable to our competitive consortia price.
  1. Is the Savings Guaranteed from a Tender ?
    We can only control the pricing within a new contract and build in regular reviews to monitor your spend and adherence to contract spends. With our management reports and reviews we can highlight where slippages are occurring thus to ensure compliance with tender.
  1. Who can become a member?
    We currently have a wide variety of clients including restaurants, hotels and nursing homes. As this is our area of expertise we find that our products and services are best suited to the catering industries and Care Sectors.

Interested? Contact Us or email: info@idp-purchasing.co.uk