Consultancy – Bespoke tenders and one-off projects Consultancy – Bespoke tenders and one-off projects

An important part of our business, the provision of professional, creative consultancy advice to an ever- increasing portfolio of clients, focused on catering, hotel, and facility management services.

IDP Purchasing provides a wide range of services that have been developed to reflect the differing needs of our clients. In each case we have the tools and experience to provide professional solutions, but all have a common thread:

 To assist organisations providing facts, advice and support, allowing them to make meaningful and well balanced decisions to help maximise cost savings and performance without affecting quality or service.

IDP Purchasing is not just about delivering cost efficiencies. We actively promote partnerships that will deliver true value for all parties ~ the client, the service provider and the end user. We excel at researching, planning, implementing and monitoring strategic change that delivers improved service, quality and business efficiency.

We analyse specific categories of spend, and then use our expertise to source improved arrangements on our clients’ behalf. Our goal is to provide workable solutions, that will deliver sustained business benefits.

Price Analysis and Benchmarking

A recent study found that a 15-20% reduction in the total purchasing costs for catering and consumable supplies is realistic for many key products. Many companies use their own chefs or purchasing managers to negotiate with suppliers but struggle to negotiate truly competitive terms as they are not armed with the knowledge of what is a good price for their competitive set.

Our analysis provides a fast and accurate assessment of price competitiveness, preparing a comprehensive report detailing any potential savings that can be achieved. This detailed analysis measures the clients existing cost against the consortium price negotiated by the IDP Purchasing procurement team, or against prices achieved by IDP Purchasing for a similar sized organisation.

The analysis is fast and accurate, allowing IDP Purchasing to put forward recommendations to improve discounts, unit costs, procurement policies or systems.

This service can be provided on a monthly/ quarterly basis or as a single audit. It is designed to be flexible, helping you to enhance your company ’s performance, meet your business needs and your purchasing objectives. This service often leads to companies either outsourcing the tender management to IDP Purchasing or joining our purchasing consortium.

Helping to achieve reduction in the total purchasing costs Consultancy -Helping to achieve reduction in the total purchasing costs Bespoke Tendering and Supplier Evaluation

Bespoke tenders are ideally suited to larger organisations that can control supplier compliance. Our procurement team has significant experience in managing the tendering process for a wide range of products and services. We would be delighted to facilitate a single bespoke tender, allowing you the opportunity to experience first hand the service we provide and the results we can achieve. We are often called upon to help support and assist the in-house purchasing manager at times when they are focused on negotiating highly complex capital expenditure projects, maintenance and estates contracts.

  • Preparation of Tender Documentation
  • The Tender Process
  • Tender Analysis
  • Supplier Negotiation and Selection
  • Appointment of Suppliers
  • Supplier Start-Up

It is our policy to establish and maintain a high level of communication with regular review, against a clear time line agreed at the beginning of the process.

Cost per resident per day analysis
With C.P.R.D analysis, we can provide a statistical reporting service each month/ quarter analysing your expenditure against agreed performance indicators. The main objective of this exercise is to fully understand and benchmark your individual units performance, helping to both identify excellence and quickly spot lines of expenditure that are out of sync.

Menu costing and product selection
Menu costing is often undervalued as a key management tool. The presumption that the gross margin is over budget because of price, is often wrong. The menu price and cost per dish is a moving target and should be reviewed on a regular basis. Reviews are essential in order to de-list the dishes, correctly price or change key ingredients, taking advantage of seasonality.

Supplier consolidation
In order to maximize the purchasing potential of your organisation the fewer suppliers you use the better the price that can be achieved. The key reason for this is the drop size increases and the number of invoices generated is significantly reduced. This allows the supplier to work to a lower margin and is a simple way of achieving significant cost reductions.

Product Consolidation and review
Regular analysis of products being purchased by individual units can often lead to significant cost reductions. We provide a review service on behalf of many groups, in order to monitor off-contract purchases. This monitoring service often delivers significant savings. By purchasing the same brands and products we are able to secure a better price and often achieve manufacturers price support. The creation and monitoring of a robust contract list will help drive value. Frequent reviews will alert the company to potential overspends and allow the buyer to manage compliance more effectively.