Care Homes

Specialist Needs within Healthcare
Residential and Nursing Care Homes, Hospices, and Day Centres can find it difficult to reconcile their budgets with the expectations presented by local authorities, patients’ families, and – most importantly – the patients themselves.

Working closely with our suppliers and their product development teams, specialist advice is available to help meet the needs of clients with a variety of dietary and non-dietary requirements including dysphagia, diabetes and dementia.

Our national and local suppliers can provide you with access to a range of Branded and Own Brand products covering your ambient, frozen and chilled goods, fresh produce and meat and dairy needs. Through effective supplier relationships, we are able to provide our clients with the best possible pricing and consistent product quality and service levels.

Quality Brands

The importance of providing high quality food within a varied and balanced menu to residents and their visitors cannot be over-emphasised. It differentiates between providers, is often a major factor affecting a family’s selection of establishment and can even play an important role in maintaining the moral of residents and staff.

Superior brands with quality products and ingredients help to maintain this level, but can come at a cost. IDP Purchasing helps ensure that pricing for branded goods is kept competitive, not only through strong negotiation with its partner suppliers, but also through specialist deals with major manufacturers such as Kraft and Unilever. These well-known manufacturers support countless household brands at pricing which keeps them affordable.

Nutrition and Specialist Support

The specialist dietary needs of residents are becoming an increasingly important topic for healthcare catering and care operators. The provision of a varied menu offering the right health benefits is essential. Nutritionists have continued to focus on improving the range of options available and our suppliers to the healthcare sector continue to work on new solutions to meet customers’ needs and provide a high level of both dietary information and support.

With an ageing population, government intervention and the implementation of new guidelines, public and private care operators are required to meet strict nutritional requirements while remaining within budget. IDP Purchasing’s Suppliers work to the highest standards of due diligence and traceability and can supply a range of organic, Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance products.

Specialist Care Products

Dementia patients often require specialist Cutlery and Crockery that helps to maintain good levels of nutrition and high care standards.

IDP Purchasing Non-Food Supply Range

Some of the areas where we might be able to help are:

  • Catering Equipment: working with big Catering Equipment companies such as Brakes and 3663, we have access to considerable savings with up to 30% off expensive heavy catering equipment and enjoy discounts on related products.
  • Cleaning and Hygiene: our suppliers offer a complete range of cleaning products including a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly disinfectants for fighting MRSA viruses and combating the spread of Flu in public areas at competitive pricing suitable for all budgets.
  • Stationery : we can offer a complete ‘one-stop’ solution for all Stationery. Apart from discounts we also guarantee quarterly pricing stability.

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