Consortium Membership

Our purchasing power enables us to offer extremely competitive terms for a wide range of products from national, regional and local suppliers. The implementation of this pricing is free of charge with all savings going directly to the client’s business.

Our procurement teams are specialists in their field. Each has a vast array of product knowledge and their finger on the pulse of the current market conditions and best competitive prices currently available from the marketplace.

Our detailed price comparisons measure clients existing costs against the prices we have negotiated with recognised suppliers.

As IDP is not tied to a single supplier relationship, we work closely with a number of suppliers providing similar products, helping to create competition and ensuring that you will receive best price available, with the peace of mind that the IDP procurement team is working on your behalf.

These contractually agreed prices are already being applied to independent and group-operated businesses using our purchasing service.

To establish whether there are opportunities to reduce your costs, our price audit service provides a benchmark for pricing using realistic and meaningful criteria, together with practical advice on how improvements may be achieved. At all times it remains a wholly transparent process delivered by our own consultants.

Helping independent businesses benefit from price reductions normally only available to much larger organisations.

Our price analysis follows a fast and simple process:

  • Consortium suppliers offering discount to existing and new customers
  • Your current prices are examined through an audit of your most recent invoices or access to your management information.
  • Prices are compared against those we have negotiated with our nominated suppliers, with the results displayed in an easy to understand spreadsheet.
  • If savings are available, the new prices can be implemented promptly, at no cost to you.
  • The decision to use a consortium supplier always rests with you.
  • Where there if a willingness from your current Supplier we can negotiate with them to reduce your costs

The benchmarking service is provided free of charge, whatever the result. At no point will we, or our suppliers, charge you. All our suppliers must meet strict criteria for the safety, legality, quality and transportation of products supplied.

Product Sourcing Service

When the need arises and you wish to source a specific product but do not know

where to look or how much you should be paying for this item, our purchasing

experience and range of contacts could help you source the product that is right for

you at a highly competitive price.